About jcaraway

Retired Again - I’m just an old dude with a camera. After 40+ years in construction management, I found myself prematurely put out to pasture by the recession in 2009. I have always enjoyed photography. I graduated from Kodak Brownies to a SLR while serving overseas in the military in 1967. I experienced and experimented with film as my budget allowed, finally settling on slide film for the economy of processing. I switched to digital as it became readily available and embraced it for professional documentation and recreational use. I was hooked. I have rebounded from retirement and am currently working for an Engineering firm as an inspector. This has limited my photo excursions to some degree. I consider myself a student of photography, absorbing what I can from the available media sources. I like to experiment with various means and methods and I am always looking for a challenge. I am in awe of the talent on Viewbug, I am inspired by that talent and I am also frequently humbled by the talent here. Now, with more free time - It's back to taking pictures - I relish the feedback and look forward to comments, suggestions and criticisms of my posts.